Why Choose SGICL.?


Before you decide to take out an Insurance policy, you must first be sure of the
integrity, the soundness and the reputation of the company which offers you the
insurance product.

The integrity, soundness and good reputation of SONARWA G.I. are unmatched, simply
because SONARWA G.I. is :
• the insurance market pioneer in Rwanda.
• the leading insurance company in Rwanda for the last 39 years.
• a company with a diversified shareholding comprising of public corporations (16.25%,)
parastatals (6.5%), local private companies (35.75%) , overseas private companies (35%)
and the Government of Rwanda (6.5%).
• one of the investment partners in Rwanda with a considerable
and diversified investment portfolio.
• a big investor in real estates and shareholdings in local, regional and
international companies, covering all sectors of economy, notably : finance,
banking, insurance and reinsurance, property development,
telecommunications and medical care.
• a company with a prudent and sound investment policy that aims at adding
value to shareholders’ equity and generating dividends to the funds entrusted
to her by the policy holders.
• a company with a financial and technical capacity which is second to none in
providing security to policy holders and the general Rwandese public.
• a company which has successfully pioneered innovative concepts in
underwriting, and personalized service.
• a company with unrivalled solvency margin, which is three times the required
minimum for an insurance company.
• finally, a company that has excelled in professional and quality service
since its establishment in 1975.

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