Global Health Insurance

The SONARWA Global Health Insurance (GH) Plan is a complete International Health Insurance Plan which offers a very wide range of services including :
• Emergency ambulance services
• Hospitalization
• Out-patient operations
• Evacuation of patients to hospital
• Repatriation of remains of a deceased etc.
Other services avaliable to holders of the plan include :
• Maternity care
• Dental care
• Treatment of chronic conditions
• Private hospital treatment
• Outpatient treatment and consultations
The SONARWA GH Plan also protects policyholders against the risk of having to rely solely on local services in Nigeria where medical facilities are limited in scope and quality.
GH Plans are denominated in Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars or Euro.

Benefits and Attractions
The benefits and attractions of the GH Plan include :
• Flexibility and Choice
• Wide Ranging Cover
• Complementary Medicine
• Cover for Psychiatric Treatment
• Well-being Benefits
• Affordable cover with discount for Children
• Assistance if holders need to be admitted to Hospital
• Optional Travel Plan Benefit
• Valuable Optional Accident Plan
• Life-time cover
• Cover for sports injuries
• No claim incentive during renewals
• SONARWA’s highly efficient and fast claim settlement services

Choosing your plan currency
You may pay your premiums in Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. The currency you chose will be the currency of your plan.

Types of Cover
Cover is avaliable in 3 categories viz :
• Premier Plus (Most Comprehensive)
• Premier Care (Medium Cover)
• Select Care (Limited Cover)

A Range of Excess Options
Our standard excess is only .....RWF pounds or $40 or 37.50 euros per claim, per period of cover. This excess applies only in respect of claims for outpatient benefits.

Choosing your Area of Cover
The Global Health Plan offers worldwide cover with three categories available in terms of scope and duration of cover :
Category I :
will provide you with worldwide cover, but cover in the USA and Canada will be restricted to 45 days in your annual period of cover for accident and emergency treatment only.

Category II :
allows you to travel to the USA and Canada for treatment and we will cover you in the US and Canada for up to 30 days in any one period of cover.

Category III :
provides unlimited cover in the USA and Canada. Please note that if you are a US or Canadian citizen, your cover in North America will be restricted to a maximum of 90 days during your period of cover.

Optional Travel Plan
The SONARWA Global Health plan will provide cover for any unexpected medical costs whilst you are travelling.
However, you can make sure that your personal effects are covered by purchasing a Travel plan with your Global Health plan.

How the Travel Plan works
The Travel plan provides travel insurance benefits during trips of up to 120 days outside the holder’s country of residence, and within the holder’s country of residence when your trip is pre-booked and involves at least two nights paid accommodation.

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